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Verb ‘biotics’ are intentionally developed to deliver specific metabolites with targeted mechanisms of action to address functional health categories.

Function-first microbiome solutions

Gut Microbiome Health

Gut-Brain Health

Sports Recovery

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Healthy Aging

Probiotics, postbiotics, and synbiotics. Designed to deliver metabolites.




Key Benefits

Driven by Mechanisms of Action

Targeted Metabolites

Leveraging Biotechnology

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GRAS | Allergen-free

Food, Functional Beverage, Supplement Application

Featured solutions

Keystone Postbiotic™

Keystone Postbiotic has been designed to support a healthy gut microbiome and contribute to optimal digestive health. It was developed to balance and promote the growth of keystone microflora in the microbiome and support a healthy immune response.*

Benefit areas of Keystone Postbiotic™

  • Supports and regulates keystone gut bacteria
  • Supports intestinal epithelial health
  • Supports immune health

*Human clinical studies to be completed in 2024

GABA Probiotic

GABA Probiotic was developed to provide a continuous and steady supply of GABA in the body. It has been designed to provide calming and stress support over a prolonged period of time.*

Benefit areas of GABA

  • Supports a calming mood and feelings of relaxation 
  • Supports a healthy stress response

*Human clinical studies to be completed in 2024


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