GABA Probiotic

Supports calming
and relaxation

for prolonged release of GABA

Natural GABA for gut-brain modulation

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter and functional metabolite that plays a key role in signaling the nervous system.1 Studies suggest that GABA’s main mechanism of action is to aid in slowing the stimulation of specific nerve signals in the brain, supporting mood and stress regulation.2 Deficits in GABA levels can lead to a cascade of health outcomes ranging from stress and mood swings to impacts on sleep quality and cognitive function.3-5

GABA Probiotic is designed to deliver a prolonged release of GABA to provide calming and stress support consistently throughout the day and night.*

*Human clinical studies to be completed in 2024

#1 2024

New Year Resolution by US and UK consumers is “Improve my mental health & wellbeing”6


of US adults rate their stress between 8-10 on a scale of 1-10, up from 19% in 20197

Mechanism of Action

GABA produced in the gut can affect brain function and mood via a bidirectional communication pathway. GABA Probiotic delivers GABA through oral ingestion while working with one’s existing gut microbiota to produce additional GABA.

Prolonged GABA release, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum Lp815

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum, Lp815™, a proprietary strain of lactic acid bacteria, was isolated for its ability to provide sustained GABA production. By utilizing advanced computational modeling and high-throughput screening, we benchmarked against the top strains in the industry to select a superior GABA

This bacterial strain is unique for its robust and prolonged production of GABA in the gastrointestinal tract in contrast to traditional GABA supplements, which result in an immediate but transient spike in GABA levels, requiring redosing throughout the day.

Potential Microbiome benefits
of GABA Probiotic2,5, 7-8

Supports a calming mood and feelings of relaxation

Supports a healthy stress response

How GABA Probiotic works

GABA factory

The ability of Lp815™ to produce GABA itself can be thought of as enabling a GABA factory in the gut.

GI performance

GABA Probiotic is derived from a natural Lactiplantibacillus plantarum strain that survives the harsh conditions of the gut to produce GABA.

Prolonged release

Unlike traditional GABA supplements which deliver a bolus dose of GABA resulting in an immediate but transient spike of GABA levels that is gone in a few hours, GABA Probiotic offers a consistent and prolonged time release of GABA, and is being evaluated for its ability to provide extended and consistent calming and stress modulation throughout the day and night.

Lower dosage for greater application flexibility

GABA Probiotic at a dose of 1 billion CFU, produces 100mg of GABA which is the dose associated with stress, mood, sleep, and cognitive benefits.2-5, 7-8 This low CFU dose enables flexibility when formulating.


Add in mood, stress, and relaxation dietary supplements. Stack with other function-specific biotics for a robust symbiotic offering.

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