Keystone PostbioticTM

for foundational gut microbiome health

Strains, grains, and botanicals work together for functional redundancy

A healthy gut microbiome is foundational to human health

There is an intricate relationship between the gut microbiome and human health. Studies increasingly show that a diverse and well-balanced gut microbiome is crucial to our digestive health and overall wellbeing.1,2,3 When there is an imbalance in the gut microbiome, our digestive, inflammatory, and immune systems may become compromised.4

Keystone Postbiotic™ is a combination of well-characterized probiotic strains fermented with oats. It is designed to promote the growth of keystone bacteria to support a healthy gut microbiome and balanced immune response.


of US Consumers Suffer from Gut Health Issues 5


of US Consumers Experience Gut Health Issues Daily 6

Mechanisms of Action

Functional redundancy from Keystone Postbiotics’ intentionally selected ingredients delivers three synergistic mechanisms of action in the GI tract that together help support and strengthen foundational gut microbiome health.

Combining strains, grains, and botanicals for functional redundancy

Keystone Postbiotic™ is produced through the fermentation of oats with two carefully selected Lactiplantibacillus and Lacticaseibacillus probiotic strains with the option to add grapeseed extract for enhanced microbiome and antioxidant benefits.

Potential microbiome benefits
of Keystone PostbioticTM

Supports and regulates keystone gut bacteria

Supports intestinal epithelial health

Supports immune health

How Keystone PostbioticTM works

Keystone bacteria

Keystone bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria, are important players in overall gut microbiome health. Bioactives found in Keystone Postbiotic™ increase keystone bacteria in the GI tract.

Metabolite driven

Keystone bacteria enhance the production of beneficial metabolites, such as butyrate, that have been shown to promote intestinal epithelial health and help balance digestive microflora.

Intestinal barrier integrity

Intestinal barrier integrity is paramount to a healthy gut and pivotal for a healthy immune response. Keystone Postbiotic™ tightens the intestinal barrier by promoting short chain fatty acid production, regulating tight junction proteins, and supporting the growth of keystone bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria that are correlated with a healthy intestinal barrier.

Immune function

Keystone Postbiotic™ regulates levels of cytokines that play a crucial role in our immune system education, epithelial health, and inflammation response. By modulating these cytokines, Keystone Postbiotic™ helps protect barrier maintenance and wound repair in times of stress, while promoting a responsible immune response.

Shelf-stable for a wider range of applications


Keystone Postbiotic™ is both shelf and ‘process stable’ and does not need refrigeration.


Keystone Postbiotic™ is heat inactivated and as a result can be added in a wide range of functional food, functional beverages, and dietary supplements that do not need refrigeration.

 GRAS  |  Allergen-free

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