Probiotics, Postbiotics, Synbiotics

We are a radically new kind of biotics company, pioneering innovative ingredients for health and wellness

The cascade of microbiome research is progressing our understanding of human health. We harness this knowledge to develop high-impact, precision biotic-tech ingredients that are:


With targeted and measurable effects for use in food, beverage and supplement products.


We offer a range of solutions across Pro-, Post- and Syn-biotics.

Radically new

We look where others don’t, hunting the globe to find new solutions that address specific health conditions.

Backed by science

With a deep bench of knowledge and expertise.

Proven through research

We’ll demonstrate efficacy through clinical studies.

Our Biotics are Targeted Towards Improving Consumer Lifestyle & Wellness Outcomes

What sets us apart

From renowned scientists to entrepreneurial biotic gurus, we bring together traditional and new disciplines to create breakthroughs.

Verb Discovery Lab

We operate a state-of-the-art lab that’s pioneering methods for finding, formulating and testing new biotics.

Verb Discovery Partner

We work with cutting-edge partners, like Ginkgo Bioworks, the world’s leading microbe optimization company, we drive screening and testing capabilities that are a step-change beyond what’s been done in biotics before.

Want to shake up the biotics industry?

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